Creating Homes We’d be Proud to Call Our Own

Our History

Formed in 2015 with a vision to build homes across Canada, Transca’s roots come from a family tradition that has spanned generations.

Our founder and CEO, Fred Zhu, grew up on construction sites and absorbed the passion of building from seeing those he looked up to, going to work every day to build homes and communities for other families to raise their children in.

Today, that passion has seen the first 2 communities in Canada take shape. Primrose on Cambie and Polaris in Metrotown are the first steps in building a new family and tradition that will span across Canada.

Values We Live By

The way we work, the homes we build, and the relationships we create are founded on a set of values that we live by every day. They are embedded in how we work, and the passion, vision, partnerships and care we take is the foundation of who we are.


What we do is part of who we are. It is built into our DNA and is driven by the desire to create things that we would be proud to call our own.


Our strength comes from our experience, we look to the past and the lessons learned to guide our vision of the future.


Our actions affect the wellbeing of others. By caring about that wellbeing, and by taking actions that are thoughtful and respectful, we can improve the lives and community around us.


We believe that together we are stronger, and when we work with people who share our vision, we can turn dreams into reality.

Our Mission

“Build homes with integrity. Develop communities with care.”

Building homes and communities are not just a business to us, it is part of who we are. The passion we have comes from a long-standing family tradition, and we take that responsibility to heart by creating homes and communities we would be proud to live in and call our own.